MIT researchers create plane that flies without any moving parts

Video: MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative Researchers at MIT have developed a plane capable of flying without any moving parts, reports MIT Technology Review. The feat was achieved using electroaerodynamic propulsion, which uses a pair of electrodes to push around ions and create ionic wind. The phenomenon has been known about since the 1960s (in fact, […]

‘Bionic mushroom’ can generate electricity without using fossil fuels

Researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey have come up with an unexpected way to produce electricity without using fossil fuels: A mushroom covered with bacteria. The “bionic mushroom” was announced in the journal Nano Letters and has captured the imagination of the public due to its wacky creativity. Bacteria have been […]

Skywater Machines Can Pull Fresh Drinking Water From The Air

  A California-based team has designed the Skywater machines that are capable of pulling fresh drinking water straight out of the air. The machines can produce up to 300 gallons of potable water in some cases. The Skysource/Skywater Alliance is a team of sustainability experts from Venice, California and they have now won a $1.5 […]

3D-printed paste could hold buildings together amid natural disasters

A 3D-printed cement paste could one day be used to make buildings more resilient to natural disasters, claim researchers from Purdue University. Although it sounds paradoxical, the paste actually gets tougher the more it cracks. This makes it a potentially invaluable new building material. “Cement-based materials such as concrete are brittle and crack as they […]