A Peek Inside Andrew Ng’s “AI Transformation Playbook”

Andrew Ng is touting his new, free, AI Transformation Playbook. The 12 page online document is a unique package of artificial intelligence tricks aimed at the increasing number of CEOs who want to transform their companies by introducing AI technologies. The AI mastermind and founder of Landing.ai released the playbook today. Ng’s playbook is built […]

VRgineers and Neurable Bring Brain-Computer Interface into VR

"Functioning as a natural extension of the user’s brain, VR outfitted with Neurable’s brain-computer interface creates new possibilities for human empowerment and provides a deeper understanding of each individual’s VR experience." VRgineers XTAL VR headset will gather data via integrated eye tracking and Neurable’s brain sensors for advanced analytics in training simulations and marketing analysis. […]