While there are a lot of smartphones that resemble tablets in size and function. And one is really a smaller or bigger version of the other. But still, people usually buy one of each. An iPhone and an iPad. A Google Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10. How would our tablet / smartphone experiences be different if we could just combine the two when we want to?

If we occasionally need a bigger screen, why buy a completely different product that does the same thing your smartphone does, just at many hundreds of dollars more? The PadFone from Asus is an attempt to merge this smartphone / tablet confusion for good, with everything you do coming from the little 4.3″ cellphone.

By itself, the PadFone looks like a lot of current smartphone models. It has a smooth, rounded back, and a large screen. It’s equipped with an 8 megapixel camera. It’s all sort of the standard setup. The PadFone stakes its own territory in the smartphone world with its transform-to-tablet type function.


The PadFone Station is a 10.1″ tablet extension into which you connect the PadFone to basically hide the fact that it’s a smartphone you’re using. The Station has ports for the PadFone’s camera lens and flash, and there are additional accessories for the setup that transform it further into a kind of extra-light laptop.

Instead of buying two devices, settle for one that pleasantly deceives you.




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Author: Gabriel Sistare