China has discovered a way to curb students from skipping classes or leaving the classroom without permissions, thanks to smart uniforms.

Chinese schools have started the use of ‘smart uniforms’ embedded with computer chips that tracks student’s movements even beyond school premises, with the help of a GPS system.

The uniforms, designed by tech firm Guizhou Guanyu Technology, have been introduced in 11 schools till yet. As soon as the students enter the school, the time and date are recorded along with a short video that is accessible for parents through a mobile app.

Also, with the incorporation of facial recognition, it is further ensured that each uniform is worn by its rightful owner in order to prevent students from cheating the system. When a student skips class, the system triggers an alarm that informs teacher and parents, while an automatic voice alarm activated if a student walks out of school without permission.

Moreover, alarms will also go off if a student falls asleep in the class. Parents can monitor purchases their kid makes at the school and also set spending limits via a mobile app. A GPS system further tracks students’ movement even beyond the school grounds.

However, the company’s project manager Yuan Bichang said that the school would only use the tracking beyond school hours if a pupil would go missing. He also informed that since the introduction of these uniforms, the attendance has increased.

Two chips are inserted into each of the uniform’s shoulders. The chips can withstand up to 500 washes and 150°C, the firm told Global Times. These uniforms, as per the firm, ‘focus on safety issues’ and also provide a ‘smart management method’ that benefits students, teachers and also parents.    Send article as PDF