GURDON, Ark. – High school football will feel a little different in Gurdon, Arkansas. The town has a population of about 2,000 and some change. But, it doesn't always see a lot of change.

Just off Main Street a payphone sits stuck in time. It's a sight that makes technology seem long-distance.

However, over at the high school, cutting-edge upgrades are in a full sprint.

"Every helmet has different computer sensors inside of it," Kyle Jackson says.

Jackson is Gurdon's head football coach and the school's athletic director.

This season, under new helmets, each blow to the head for every Go Devil football player will be recorded, monitored and analyzed.

"Tells us exactly who the kid is [and] how high on the scale he got hit," Jackson says.

Any time a player is hit too hard, the technology sends information to a handheld device where the coaches can monitor it on the sidelines.

"After we get done with games or practices, I go hook it up to my computer and it will give me a statistical analysis," an assistant coach says.

The technology has become popular nationwide after research surfaced about football and concussions.

Coaches say each helmet costs more than $300, which is a pretty penny provided by the Cabe Foundation.

"Well our foundation heard about this on the news talking about another school that had it," Anita Cabe says.

"We felt that we want the best for our school and for our kids."

It's a top-of-mind investment that has this town's name mentioned alongside the who's who of technological advances.

"It is unique," Jackson says.

Gurdon coaches say the helmet system is synced up with their practice schedule and can provide immediate feedback.

The Gurdon Go Devils kick off the new football season on Aug. 31.    Send article as PDF   
Source: Kark
Author: Tyler Thomason