Gigs 2 Go is a credit-card-sized pack of USB flash drives made from molded paper pulp, designed with one thing in mind: sharing. When you need to share files on-the-go, you tear off a tab from the Gigs 2 Go pack. Because they’re inexpensive and made from recycled materials, you can leave the tab with a friend or colleague. And you’ve got 3 more tabs in the pack, ready when you need them. The Gigs 2 Go packs feature a 100% post-consumer recycled paper enclosure. The molded paper pulp pack is not only light and durable, it’s also great for writing on when you want to label the tabs. BOLTgroup introduced Gigs 2 Go as a blue-sky concept in March 2013, and drew a lot of interest from designers, photographers, and marketing professionals who saw Gigs 2 Go as a sustainable way to share data with their clients and colleagues. BOLTgroup has partnered with US-based CustomUSB to produce the Gigs 2 Go packs, and they launched a Kickstarter campaign on December 9th to raise funds for tooling and production. Their aim is to launch a new business focused on connecting people with green technology.    Send article as PDF   
Source: In Habitat
Author: Jon Dioffa