The Force is Strong: Amputee Controls Individual Prosthetic Fingers

Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand made possible by ultrasound technology Jason Barnes plays the piano with a new prosthesis that is driven by ultrasound. Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand is a step closer to reality for amputees in this galaxy. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created an ultrasonic sensor that allows amputees to control […]

New Topeka fitness business introduces computer-controlled resistance machines

A heart attack and diabetes diagnosis led Jay Sheer to a workout routine, diet changes, nixing smoking and eventually, to a fitness trainer certification. Now, he and wife Vicki Sheer are channeling their new-found healthy lifestyle into Sheer Fitness, a business they opened Dec. 1 at 2601 S.W. 21st St. in the Plaza 21 Shops. […]

This Incredible Pen Scans Notes to Your Computer Instantly

The Scanmarker pen transforms printed text into its digital form instantly. It is also a portable translation tool and learning aid. Taking notes from texts is a laborious process usually involving highlighting sections of text to make digital notes form later. But this new product called, Scanmarker, send your highlighted text straight to your laptop […]

Toys R Us introduces new AR app, Play Chaser, to UK stores

The app which transforms stores into digital playgrounds is being tested in select stores across the country. Toys R Us is bringing its augmented reality app to the UK for the first time, bringing Geoffrey the giraffe to life for youngsters across the nation. The app is being tested at the newly refurbished Toys ‘R’ […]

Amazon Has a New Way to Get Stuff Into Your Apartment

Amazon has taken another step toward consolidating control over the process that leads goods from the warehouse floor directly to the doors of its customers. To that end, the retail giant has just introduced Hub by Amazon, which are Amazon-owned locker systems installed in apartment buildings. By partnering with some of the nation’s largest apartment building […]