Amazon Has a New Way to Get Stuff Into Your Apartment

Amazon has taken another step toward consolidating control over the process that leads goods from the warehouse floor directly to the doors of its customers. To that end, the retail giant has just introduced Hub by Amazon, which are Amazon-owned locker systems installed in apartment buildings. By partnering with some of the nation’s largest apartment building […]

Honda just rolled out 4 of its cutest robot designs yet

Although better known as an automaker, Honda has long been directing funds to robotics research for personal interactions and mobility applications, with some of the technology also likely to find its way back to its driverless car project. It’s a busy time for the Japanese company as the fruit of its most recent work is […]

These 3D printed objects can connect to WiFi through plastic, without batteries or electronics

Researchers from the University of Washington have developed 3D-printed plastic objects that can connect to the internet without any electronics or batteries in the object itself. The researchers, who detailed their work in this paper, found a way to 3D-print plastic objects that can absorb or reflect ambient WiFi signals and send data wirelessly to […]