Some programming apps are clearly designed for younger kids, with an emphasis on largely cartoon-like graphics and easily manipulated parts. They still might appeal to beginner adult coders, though.

Daisy the Dinosaur, for example, is a free iPad app that teaches kids how to manipulate an object (a dinosaur) with code. For example, when you tap Daisy, she jumps. It makes coding fun and actionable. Daisy the Dinosaur is probably best for the youngest of kids, although it’s entertaining for all.

Hopscotch is another free iPad app for kids who are a bit more advanced. It’s like a more limited version of Scratch, but one that’s touch-friendly. (Most of these learn-to-code apps are for iOS. Maybe we need to learn to code so we can make versions for Android and other mobile OS.)    Send article as PDF   
Source: EHOW
Author: Melanie Pinola