MANILA, Philippines – Google announced on Wednesday, September 16, that Google Maps would be getting Street View in the Philippines.

Google's Street View mode allows users to visually explore maps through panoramic street-level photographs taken by members of the Google team.



Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao hosted the activation of Google Maps' Street View mode by virtually walking everyone through the streets of the Heritage City of Vigan.

Pacquiao also gave a brief speech thanking the members of the Google community "for adding value to our society. Google's contribution to our nation is commendable."


Street View meant for everyone

He added, "We are showing how technology could bring people closer together. Because of you, we experience the potentials and possibilities of innovating in this global village."

The Street View mode has practical applications for tourists, businesses, and Filipinos around the world.

Ryan Morales, Google.Ph Marketing manager, explained further. "With Street View," he said, "people can virtually walk the streets of a city and preview detinations like restaurants and hotels before they even get there. For those of us whose families are abroad, they can check out the street where they grew up or revisit the church where they got baptized or married."

Meanwhile, Philippine businesses can embed Google Maps directly into their site, along with allowing people to find their location by offering a view of the landmarks surrounding a particular place of business.



“By allowing users to see a glimpse of the Philippines from wherever they are, we hope that Google Street View will inspire new visits from people who have not yet experienced the beauty of the country for themselves," said Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez.

"For those who have already been to the Philippines, we hope that this will give them new reasons to explore areas they may not have considered before, encouraging them to visit the Philippines again." –    Send article as PDF   
Source: Rappler