3D body scans are a tool to help tailors

For apparel retailers, 3D body scans were once thought to be a cure-all for the customer fitting process. But they’re now coming to terms with the reality that these machines can’t do everything humans can. They’re good at acquiring data but not quite ready to make tough decisions yet. For now, they’re tools that allow […]

Twitter + Citizen Science + AI = improved flood data collection

Researchers from the University of Dundee are combining Twitter, citizen science and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to develop an early-warning system for flood-prone communities. Dr Roger Wang and his colleagues from the University’s School of Science and Engineering have shown how AI can be used to extract data from Twitter and crowdsourced information from […]

New Topeka fitness business introduces computer-controlled resistance machines

A heart attack and diabetes diagnosis led Jay Sheer to a workout routine, diet changes, nixing smoking and eventually, to a fitness trainer certification. Now, he and wife Vicki Sheer are channeling their new-found healthy lifestyle into Sheer Fitness, a business they opened Dec. 1 at 2601 S.W. 21st St. in the Plaza 21 Shops. […]

This Incredible Pen Scans Notes to Your Computer Instantly

The Scanmarker pen transforms printed text into its digital form instantly. It is also a portable translation tool and learning aid. Taking notes from texts is a laborious process usually involving highlighting sections of text to make digital notes form later. But this new product called, Scanmarker, send your highlighted text straight to your laptop […]

Honda just rolled out 4 of its cutest robot designs yet

Although better known as an automaker, Honda has long been directing funds to robotics research for personal interactions and mobility applications, with some of the technology also likely to find its way back to its driverless car project. It’s a busy time for the Japanese company as the fruit of its most recent work is […]

Animiz introduces a free animated video editing software to newbies

Animiz is an animated video editing software that allows newbies to create animated video presentations or Gifs for free.   The best way to engage potential clients and spread the word about a business is with a quality animated explainer video. Not every company has the budget for professional whiteboard animation but make sure to […]

Sony’s Aibo Robotic Dog Is Back, With Some New Tricks

Sony Corp. is bringing back its iconic robotic dog, aibo. The new version (which Sony is marketing as “aibo” instead of the prior “AIBO”) comes equipped with a powerful computer chip, OLED displays for eyes and the ability to connect to mobile networks. Like its predecessor, the new pet toy responds to voice commands and […]

Robotic eel seeks out water pollution

Envirobot – a robotic eel that can swim through contaminated water to find the source of pollution – is being developed at EPFL in Switzerland.   SWITZERLAND (REUTERS) – Envirobot can swim through contaminated water to find the source of pollution. Equipped with chemical, physical and biological sensors, the robot moves through water without stirring […]